• ​​Promote concrete for highways, streets, airfields and parking areas

The elected Board of Directors establishes the goals and objectives of the Association and employs professional engineers to administer our agenda.                                                     

The paving contractor members finance the majority of the monetary obligations of the Association through annual dues and                                        volume assessments.  

                                                                 Affiliate members provide the                                                               much-needed supplementary                                                               funding with their annual dues.                                                             This additional revenue enhances                                                       the scope of the Association's                                                             promotional, educational, and                                                             technical programs. 

Membership and Benefits 

  • Initiate educational programs and seminars that cultivate an appreciation for our quality product and expand its use


  • Provide Engineers and Specifiers with technical information and recommendations that foster the selection of concrete pavements for public and private projects
  • Provide our members with technical support and information on the direction our industry is heading
  • Partner with other organizations to optimize concrete pavement promotional, educational and technical endeavors


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  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of concrete pavement technology



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